Isamgeo has the ability to support seismic explorations with a variety of services. Thanks to its staff’s multi-disciplinary background and multiyear experience, and the variety of its equipment, Isamgeo is able to design and carry out various types of seismic and non-seismic surveys.

Isamgeo’s broad expertise is useful for various applications in different industries: from the deep targets of hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration, to the shallow investigations required for mining, civil engineering, and archaeological surveys.

The choice of the geophysical methodology, of the corresponding equipment, and the design of the survey are tailored based on the client’s specific needs, with the aim of maximising the return on their investment: the imaging of the target with the best resolution for the given application.

Survey Design

Isamgeo’s innovative approach to land survey design allows for the planning of a geophysical acquisition (namely seismic) with a minimal footprint, while at the same time maximising the return on the investment.


The design starts with the ideal layout and the nominal parameters, and is refined and optimised in iterations thanks to a thorough evaluation of the logistic constraints. The signal-to-noise ratio is carefully assessed exploiting the advanced techniques for coherent and incoherent noise modelling. Finally, the ability to image the exploration target and the reliability of the image is evaluated through the execution of the full processing sequence under different scenarios.



Please contact one of our experts for a detailed presentation regarding our survey design approach.

Non-Seismic Surveys

The non-seismic surveying services in Isamgeo’s portfolio range from the electrical and electromagnetic methods (Electrical Resistivity Tomography, Ground Penetrating Radar, and Electromagnetic Scanning) to potential-field methods (gravity and magnetic surveying).


  • Non-seismic Methods for Near-surface Characterisation


    • Electrical Resistivity Tomography
    • Ground Penetrating Radar
    • Electromagnetic Scan
    • Gravity and Magnetic surveys
Geophysical Data Processing & Interpretation

Isamgeo offers its clients considerable processing power and 20+ years of experience in the oil & gas, geothermal, and mining sectors.

Isamgeo’s approach to the processing and interpretation of the geophysical records is aimed at maximising the value extracted from the data, regardless of whether they are old or newly acquired.


Thanks to its multi-disciplinary team, Isamgeo is able to offer unique services throughout the entire lifecycle of the oilfield. The integrated use of seismic processing, rock physics, rock mechanics, and geological interpretation allows for optimal production planning, while at the same time ensuring the safety and integrity of the operations.

Field QC

Isamgeo offers technology and expertise in support of the execution of the seismic acquisition, thus improving the productivity of the campaign and reducing HSE exposure in the field.



The field support services include: data quality verification, productivity and source quality monitoring, and fast-track data processing during the early stages of the campaign. 


Acquisition (Seismic)

Isamgeo is able to carry out different types of active seismic campaigns, ranging from reflection and refraction seismic surveys, to surface wave analysis (such as MASW or other more refined technologies), with the possibility of choosing from a wide range of sources, from vibroseis to sledgehammer.


  •  Methodologies
    • Reflection Seismology
    • Refraction Seismology
    • MASW
    • 3D Surface Wave Analysis
  •  Sources
    • Dynamite or Explosive
    • Vibroseis
    • Weight-drop
    • Sledgehammer
    • Seismic Gun


Our assets includes thousands of 1C and 3C wireless seismic nodes, which can be rapidly deployed to perform streamlined surveys covering extremely large areas.